Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Enchanted Palace, Seven princesses in Kensington Palace

Earlier in the week I went to London to see the Seven Princesses exhibition in Kensington Palace. I have to say it was well worth the £11 entry fee and was definitely one of the best exhibitions I have seen. It has been created by the theatrical group Wildworks who have worked their magic to create a mysterious set for each of the seven princesses along with seven other rooms to tread it all together.
You start your journey at the 'Room Of Beginnings' where there is a tree with its branches pointing you in the right directions, you are also given a booklet with a drawn map to help keep you on the right track. It was a very well presented booklet with cool little drawing in it, which where very well illustrated.
One of my favourite rooms was the first princess, which was called the 'Room Of Royal Sorrows'.The main items in this room where a bed, a chest of draws with empty perfume bottles on top of it,  and a mirror which has a floating dress standing in front of it. Along the walkway in the room were hanging tags in which people had written when they last cried on them. Unfortunately due to the low lighting and the business of the room I wasn't able to read as many of the tags as I would have liked.
Another one of my favourite rooms was the 'Room Of Flight' in which a floating Vivienne Westwood dress hung along the stairs on the staircase which lead to six eerie looking figures draped in black cloth.
Unfortunately the 'Room Of A Sleeping Princess' was closed for refurbishment, which was a shame, as it was the room we were most looking forward to seeing, but we didn't feel too hard done by as the rest of the exhibition was amazing.
In the last room the 'Gallery Of Dancing Shadows' which revealed all seven princess there was a projection on the ceiling of a dancing lady and a dancing couple. This worked very well within the space and looked different from all angles of the room when looking up.
What I found out from this exhibition is just how much light can transform a space and I think that it was used really well throughout the exhibition. Each room created a different feeling, whether it was happy, sad, or even a feeling of being a bit freaked out, and that's what made this exhibition so intriguing. A definite must see.

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