Wednesday, 9 February 2011

FMP- I can't sketch so I sew!

For my final major project I am going to be 'putting on' a V&A Friday Late to promote the up and coming 2013 wedding dress exhibition. I will be using traditions and rituals from all over the world to create a fun and exciting event.....

I can't sketch so I sew!!

Here are some of my ideas shown as sewn images...

All of these images show, in a fun light, tradition or ritual around the world.

The first image represents a Strictly Come Dancing set up on judging a couples 'first dance'
The image next to this shows an oversized piece of confetti in the style of the game piƱata
Under this shows a jewellers which would be in a window of the V&A
Next shows a bouquet throwing and catching classes which would be played in the grounds of the V&A
The fifth image shows a walkway in which confetti could randomly fall along with sounds of cheering
Next to this is the 20p machine which will be placed in the V&A and filled with rings
Underneath this is a catwalk for the gypsy wedding dresses
Next sketch represents a smashing noise which would go off in the ceramics room along with 'mozel tov!'
The final image shows a 'pin the money on the dress' game taken from the game 'pin the tale on the donkey'

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